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In Ateliér MONA, we are all about family portrait photography – we specialise in maternity, newborn, babies, and kids – be it in-studio or lifestyle storytelling photography. Our photography studio first opened in Prague in 2010.

We are a sister duo of professional photographers sharing the same vision – we so much prefer the natural look, enjoy the challenges of natural light, and know that each family we photograph has their own unique story to tell. Milada runs regular workshops on family photography in Prague, and Markéta is our top newborn photographer.  We do both studio and outdoor photo shoots, and also take pride in making your images into the most beautiful photo books and wall art for you to take home.


Our minimalistic studio background is perfect for pure style photography, and looks great on wall art. White is best for vivid colors, kids and action, while black brings out emotions in artistic portraits based on shadows and light.


Will the kids feel better running outside, or do you simply feel more comfortable and natural in your own place? No matter if we stay in,  or take a walk through Prague, you may treasure this experience – wrapped in a charming photo book – for life.

Let's go back in time!

"All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be..."

We still print our images, yes we do! Nothing wrong with slideshows and jpegs, you will get these, too, but for us a photograph can only really come to life if printed. And the bigger the better!  


We print in a high-end lab in Prague to make sure your memories will not fade. Choose from regular prints to large canvases or frames to put on the wall. The only danger is, you might not be able to take your eyes off...


If you are looking for something more portable, or the perfect gift, we cannot recommend enough our stylish photo book. Save yourself hours of work and let us surprise you with a masterpiece!

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